Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to Grand Ridge Forest Community Blog

We are delighted to bring this blog together and hope that it can serve as a connecting place for those of us who live in Grand Ridge Forest. Please look around the blog for information about local activities, links to various news and weather reports, and a few additional fun items.

By now you should have received a brief letter from us, the Holden's, explaining a little about ourselves and a project to help our neighborhood have a simple method to begin a recyling program. We will start picking up any bagged recyclable products on Saturday, April 18, 2009. This is in conjunction with the City of Wetumpka's Earth Day recycling efforts. Please place items in separate bags (plastics, papers, aluminum cans) in the same spot you would place your garbage can. We will drive around the neighborhood picking up bags starting at about 10:00 AM. The plan is to begin this on a bi-weekly basis and if the need grows we will consider doing it weekly. Anyone else who would like to participate or help in this effort please feel free to comment or send an email to the link below.

This is a beginning for things to come, new people to meet, and creating a forum for ideas, needs, opportunities, and events. We all live within a few blocks of one another and with a little imagination and discussion I'm sure we can come up with additional ways to benefit our neighborhood together.

Please feel free to post comments, questions, ideas, thoughts, or any suggestions you would like to on this blog. We've added a brief list of ideas (right hand column beneath the quote for the day) that could be of interest to some people. We would appreciate if you would indicate any of the items on the list that you think could be beneficial and please feel free to comment and add more.

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  1. How about a community pool

  2. DJ,

    Thanks for doing this. I have been interested in getting some things together for our neighborhood for a while now. We had a neighborhood cookout about 2 years ago and it was a great opportunity to meet the neighbors. As far as the sign, I talked with my real estate agent, wife of one of the neighborhood developers, about a headwall at the entrance and I have some information from her as to how we might can get through a few barriers to get that done. I am going to send my e-mail address to you through I was thrilled to get your flier and see something happening.

  3. Hi! We just moved to the neighborhood from Montgomery, I was upset to find out Elmore Co. didn't pick up recycling & now we just got your newsletter - great!!! I would love to help in any way I can. Thanks for starting this! We are looking forward to getting to know our neighbors!

  4. Hello from the Glover's! We have a beautiful neighborhood with wonderful people and this is a great way to help the environment and also help build relationships with our neighbors. We would love to help out, maybe rotate out Saturdays. I also would like to see us do another neighbor hood cookout maybe during 4th of July, we could start having our own holiday activities for the kids of our neigborhood. Thank you for what you are doing!

  5. I think this is a wonderful idea. Thank you for stepping up and getting things started. I have always wished that there was a stronger sense of community within our neighborhood. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

  6. Thanks to all of you for your comments and ideas. We are excited by the quick responses that have come in and we look forward to meeting some of you next Saturday as we make the rounds for collection of the items listed in the flier.

    We're always ready for a good cookout and 4th of July could be a great time to do it. I think it would be good to have one sooner too. We know our immediate neighbors pretty well, but I don't think we've met most of you who've commented on this blog. It's always nice to put a face with a name.

  7. Hello, all!

    We moved here from Montgomery a little over a year ago, but I lived in Prattville for many years before we married, and my husband is from Birmingham. I work with the District Attorney's Office in Wetumpka, and he is a programmer/analyst at the Department of Transportation in Montgomery.

    We've always thought an entrance sign would be practical, as well as beautiful. We're willing to assist however we can to accomplish that project. Another idea is, maybe some kind of park (even if it's just a designated green area) could be a great asset. A volunteer effort to build a playground on it could be fun, too.

    Thank you for initiating an opportunity for residents to establish fellowship. We think Grand Ridge Forest is special, and believe that becoming more involved in its betterment will only make living here more enjoyable!

    Amber, Bradley, and Griffin
    309 Mitchell Creek Ridge

  8. We moved into Grand Ridge Forest one week before Christmas 2009. We love this neighborhood. We'll help with the pick-up of the recycling when the need arises and will be glad to help for other projects.

    Ramona, Stewart & Ryan Ebbinga
    56 Forest Hill Road

  9. The McLamb's 98 Forest Hill Court

    Thanks so much for stepping up and putting the flyer out to everyone. This is such a beautiful neighborhood and everyone is really friendly. Some mentioned in a previous comment about the neighborhood cookout 2 years ago, it was great and we had just moved into the neighborhood and really didn't know anyone that well but everyone was so friendly. My husband was deployed when we first moved in and all my neighbors extended themselves to help out in any way they could which meant a lot. I think it is definately time for another cookout and maybe time to organize a committee of neighborhood needs for the children whether it be pool, park....etc. We have such an age range out here and maybe some of the older kids want to earn money by babysitting, cutting grass,...etc. This neighborhood definately is an extension of family outside our walls!

    Thanks to you again for stepping up, the bar has been set now it's time to take action.

  10. Hey DJ & Mara! (and eli!)

    Thanks for getting this together! I am with the other neighbors on the entrance sign! Giving directions to people can be tricky at times!

    Also, we all need to stay on top of the county & our commissioner to do something about the road washing on Mitchell Creek Rd, before someone goes off the edge of the cliff. Just in case someone hasn't noticed, when leaving out of our neighborhood (heading towards Jackson Rd), drive on the left side of the road, yep i said the LEFT side - the road is steadily washing away on the right side (where the new reflectors are), so BE CAREFUL! A few weeks ago, calls were made to the mayor's office, commissioner's office, maintenance department and the result was some reflectors. Can I just say that those reflectors aren't going to keep the road from falling down in the hole?? We all need to keep calling so maybe they will install a guard rail or something...

    Look forward to meeting more of our neighbors!

    John & Cristi
    45 Timberline Ct

  11. We found 3 water color pictures by Cindy at the intersection of Forest Mountain and Forest Hill Ct. If you lost them Call Aaron Holden at 478-4589